``Green wheel is Rachel's peak of Faith motivated by the spirit of the Good Shepherd, reaching out to its readers. The Green pasture is a miraculous place of Rest and Restoration. A place to know the word. To experience the Anointing and Abundance in your personal journey through this temporary life. The Hope to receive the treasure of the Eternal Kingdom.!``

Rachel's Stories

All those who visit this Pasture and Look with wonder. Contemplate upon these Words and Believe in the Heart… Miracles and Treasures are in the storehouse waiting to be poured out in Abundance.
Green Wheel is Rachel’s peak of Faith.
The chariot, upon which her Vision is directed, towards all the four corners.
This chariot moves with the power of the spirit of the good Shepherd, who appeared as an inspiration to Rachel while she was reading from the Book of Ezekiel chp1.
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