Choices. A way of life. Sowing and Reaping.

Rachel was about to begin her new journey. It was time for her to leave the palace of learning and to begin anew in the world.
A world which works on very clear principles.
Labour, livelihood, expenses, wages and income, wealth and prosperity.
As time passes, people settle into their roles and responsibilities.
Here, is where it all begins.
It begins with the choices people make.
Rachel, as innocent and vulnerable as any young person could be, began to observe the systems and choices that existed in a competitive and ruthless world.
Unable to make sense of the path she was on, with stumbling blocks at every nook and corner, Rachel found herself at the crossroads of doubt, struggle, perseverance and faith and hope.
At all those times when she found herself alone with making choices that would impact her life and existence in the world, she would go back to the story of the shepherd.
She made a choice.
She thought about the story of the good shepherd and made that important choice to commune with the shepherd at the crossroads of her existence.
Human relationships may fail us but the love and compassion of the shepherd is eternal.

Rachel contemplated on the shepherd and his garden. His fields and pastures. His flock. The importance of the garden. Of seeds. Of choices. Sowing and reaping.
The harvest!

The shepherd loves his flock and prepares green pastures for them.

Commune with the good shepherd.