Uncertainties and Changes are the valley on the path of life.

We, are in transit. All of us.
These crucial moments bring us to a special kind of realisation.
That we are in charge of nothing.
Our very breath is bound by time. When someone we love, we know is fading away in front of our very eyes, we realise that we can do nothing with all our might.
Rachel began to understand that a special season was over. An integral part of her faded away with the fading away of the special season.
There was nothing that she could do to bring back the season.
Rachel wondered.
Each day a clueless Rachel wondered and wandered on her path. All the bags and baggage were completely lost.
She grew tired after having walked aimlessly upon the valleys of uncertainty.
Tired and weary, she fell asleep. At that time she met with an elf. This elf was a mischievous one who kept wandering from place to place. He would get into wooden boxes filled with fruits and travelled in them across the seas. Transiting through ports and pitching his tent, yet again jumping into another box, landing onto another shore, another port, another tent. Soon he was known as the wandering elf who was in search of himself.
When Rachel saw the vision of the elf, she sensed a warning.
When she woke up, the elf had disappeared and she continued wondering.
The restless elf.!
Was this a sign of a new path that Rachel was going to tread.?
Was it some sort of a signal of a long long journey that Rachel would have to embark upon.?
Sophie’s palace was a great place to live and to learn and to grasp and to heed.
However, the palace was only an oasis. A person could live there for as long as five years to learn about the things of this world. However, it was not a permanent hiding place.
No place in this world is a permanent hiding place.  Every human being will face with the uncertainties and futility of the human existence.
Rachel understood that she would have to move on from the safety and comfort of the palace to the valleys of many more experiences.
What was it like, to move on from the palace and to travel beyond. To reach the foothill and to begin climbing again?!
It was the time for life changing happenings in Rachel’s life, about which she had no clarity.
When we walk firmly in faith, we walk confidently even without clarity or any kind of certainty.
We just walk. We walk because we know that the shepherd is walking with us.
We walk because the shepherd leads us through the green pastures.

Commune with the good shepherd.