Sister Sophie’s palace of Treasures.

The creator of the universe, the almighty, has made all things beautiful in his time and there is a time for everything under heaven.

In this world of fleeting moments, all beings are going to fade away like the flowers and we must know that it is because of the compassion and the grace of the creator that we do whatever we are required to do in our daily lives. Not because of the abilities of a mortal being but only because of the grace of the creator.

Rachel learnt two very important life lessons with the passing away of her mother. she learnt that life could bring sudden unpleasant surprises and the fragility of the human existence.

With a broken heart Rachel began to trod alone through the valley. The path looked bleak and she was almost about to give up hope when the good Shepherd arrived at that place at the exact moment before she could fall into the pit of her sorrows.
Then the good shepherd held her in the palm of his hands and led her towards a new hope.
Sister Sophie’s palace became the centre of Rachel’s hope where she found rest and restoration. She spent five years at this palace where there was no lack. The treasures were all here. Every wall and corner gleamed with the shepherds anointing. This palace was a centre of learning where scholars met and studied and discussed various philosophies.
However, at the core of this great palace was the one underlying truth. The truth of the good Shepherd. His reality. His grace and compassion. His love. His promise.

Sister Sophie was very concerned about Rachel and took care of her every need. Rachel felt safe and protected. It was at this time that she remembered her grandfather reading the verses from the psalm 91.
The secret place.

Rachel was now beginning to see that secret place. She would sit there for hours and her friendship with the good Shepherd grew more and more and she cherished this friendship amidst the loss.
Her solitary moments became the moments of her meetings with the Shepherd.
The Shepherd would lead her each day and Rachel would walk.
It took a long time however, until Rachel realised that she was with the treasure in itself.
The treasure was that secret place. That secret place was inside her heart.

The good Shepherd always meets us through somebody and rescues us on our journey through the valley and through the shadows of our own sorrows and fears.
Rachel’s walk in the world was difficult but with the Shepherd leading, she could walk through these valleys of difficulty without any fear. The world exists with all its reasoning and logic but for a person who walks in faith and lives by the conviction of that trust – life changing happenings occur. Those who rely only on reason will not see the secret place.

Faith in the Shepherd supersedes all reasoning and one experiences new dimensions.
Sister Sophie’s palace was one such gift of grace.The palace of protection.
The abundance of the Shepherd’s love.
Rachel felt blessed as she lived in the goodness and in the grace of the Shepherd.

Rachel, then learnt two more life lessons during that journey at the palace.
She learnt about the Shepherd ‘s love for her and she experienced his presence during her most bleak circumstances. She learnt that human beings will decay and fade away but the love, grace and companionship of the creator will be constant always present to hold her in her weakest moments.

The Shepherd wants to hold you too. Give your cares to him and find rest in the secret place.

Come. Commune with the good Shepherd.

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