Rachel as a young girl was her grandfather’s favourite one. She would listen carefully to the stories that he told her. Stories of long long ago, of ships and ports, of bags of grains and greedy landlords and many more. However, the story that she remembered the most was about the good Shepherd and his green pastures.
She would often dream about this pasture and envision the Good Shepherd granting her treasures.
Where was this pasture, what were miracles, what kind of treasures were to be found, she wondered.
As she grew older, she pondered more and more into the life of this great Shepherd.
She was convinced that the pasture was a beautiful place and inside her heart she yearned each day for another encounter with the glorious Shepherd.
She began to trust in the abundance that was stored up for those who visited the pasture.

Nature and nourishment appeared as the first treasures. Then she learnt about righteousness and truth which were the walls of this mighty place. Her very being reverberated with the thought of this companionship and the spirit of the Shepherd lead her and became her guide.

If you ever feel you might stumble, do not fear for the Shepherd keeps watch.  All the time.  He neither slumbers nor sleeps.
Come. Take him as your companion.

The blessing of Abundance at the huge table provide nourishment to one and all for the Shepherd feeds all those who are hungry, thirsty and heavy laden. All those who seek him find rest and restoration.
Receive the finest oils and be replenished with the anointing from the Shepherd. Surely the good things of life will follow you all the time and you will always dwell in the safety, care and protection of the good Shepherd.

Rachel’s dream was the secret place where she communed with the good Shepherd and as her relationship with the Shepherd grew, she  began to discover the treasures of the green pastures.

I invite you too!

Come. Commune with the Good Shepherd.

Until then,


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