Once upon a time..

Once upon a time, television sets were not a common feature in every home. People shared their resources and an entire neighbourhood would gather together to watch.

Libraries were the hub, way back then. People would search through so many catalogue cards to find that piece of information.

Rachel reminisces, of how life in the good old days were not all that easy yet people cared and shared with each other in so many ways.

Rachel had a beautiful childhood and she loved listening to the stories her grandfather told her. In one of such stories,
Rachel met with the Shepherd.
The good Shepherd who loved his flock. He loved his flock so much that he gave up his very life as the sacrifice for the lost sheep.
This story remained an imprint on Rachel’s heart.
Many years later, in a dream, Rachel heard these words.
“Life, however wonderful, happy and promising as it may seem, has an underlying suddenness to it. You cannot describe one moment with the other. The shadows of uncertainty and the swiftness of time have swept many of their feet.
Have you come to that place in your heart where you feel you have everything that belongs to this world, yet you are seeking for something to satisfy you?”

The human life has a deeper urge.
Not for material things alone but for the bread of life and for life giving waters and when you arrive at that place inside your heart you will not seek from the world.
Instead, you will enjoy the fruits of the spirit and it will be given to you in abundance.”
“All the good things of this world will be at your feet yet you will owe allegiance to the spirit of the good Shepherd who speaks to you at that place inside your heart.
The things that you cherish in this lifetime are a gift.
When you enjoy the goodness of life in obedience to that gift of grace, your path will be guarded and you will not fall even though you may stumble. ”
“The grace of the Shepherd will comfort and protect you. Therefore let obedience and wisdom stand beside you like warriors amidst your storms. It is in their absence, that you might experience the rage of the seas on a stormy night and discover that your boat has no anchor.”

When Rachel heard these words, she was overjoyed. She knew and recognised the miracle that was churning inside her heart.
She was filled with the peace and joy of the Shepherd.

The pasture of the Shepherd awaits you with an abundance of his gifts.
Treasures are yet to be found.!
Not temporary but eternal!

Commune with the good Shepherd!