``Green wheel is Rachel's peak of Faith motivated by the spirit of the Good Shepherd, reaching out to its readers. The Green pasture is a miraculous place of Rest and Restoration. A place to know the word. To experience the Anointing and Abundance in your personal journey through this temporary life. The Hope to receive the treasure of the Eternal Kingdom.!``

The Wheel of Thought

Green Wheel Library for Sustainable Thinking is a social design studying traditional systems of living and farming.
Understanding the role of libraries in community and society.
Green wheel is inclined to studying the seed and crop movement, deeply connected to contemplating on life, living and the truth.
Sustainable thinking as a traditional ancient command.
Engaging in stories of a higher purpose.
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Story Club

Supporting stories of compassion, community and care.

Choices. A way of life. Sowing and Reaping.

Uncertainties and changes are the valley on the path of life

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